Engaging CS Curriculum - Powered by CodeBot!

CodeBot is the first educational robot purpose-built for learning Python programming. This 'bot puts the focus on coding, with built-in sensors and  programmable controls for endless projects and learning opportunities.

Read more about CodeBot in our Why another robot? blog post.


CodeBot Features

  • Fast, easy Python coding experience.
  • Step-by-step guided lessons in CodeSpace.
  • Chromebook compatible.
  • Powerful CPU with 1M of FLASH.
  • Proximity sensors for navigation.
  • Surface sensors for line following.
  • 3-axis Accelerometer.
  • Advanced PWM motor control.
  • Wheel Encoders for precise speed and rotation angle control.
  • Speaker for programmable alerts, music, and voice.
  • LEDs for status display of all systems.

Curriculum Modules with CodeSpace

  • "Python with Robots"

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    • Designed as a CS elective course for grades 8-12, this curriculum module covers the fundamentals of Python programming as students apply each new coding skill and concept to engaging projects with CodeBot. No prior coding experience is required!

  • "Algebra I with Robots"

    coming soon!

    • Answering the age-old student query: "When am I ever going to need this math??" - these CodeBot projects deliver concrete validation! Students learn and apply math concepts needed to achieve meaningful real-world goals.
    • Designed to be used by Math and Science Teachers with no prior CS background, this module works well as supplementary material to a traditional Algebra I sequence. It is aligned to Common Core Mathematics Standards, and  can also be used as part of a standalone cross-curricular course of study.